Feiyue Shoes

A brief analysis of some different Feiyue shoe batches.

I compared some of my old Feiyue shoes to some of the newer ones I just ordered.   The quality of the newer ones is pretty poor.

The Tiger Claw batch…

The sole of the shoe looks and feels quite plastic-like.   The trim between the sole and the bottom of the shoe is not uniformed either. That is, the yellowish part of the shoe spills over to the white bottom lining of the shoe.  The size of the shoe is also larger than my older shoes. Ordering the same size as before, the width of the shoe is wider, causing my heel to slip out even when laced tightly.  From what I ordered, the Tiger Claw batch that I purchased from martialartsmart is not that great.

The wushuproshop Top One batch…

I did manage to find some TopOne branded ones from wushuproshop.  The quality of the wushuproshop batch that I got mine from were a bit better, however still not as good as my older Feiyues.  The width of these were a bit more narrow than the Tiger Claw batch, so the fit is a little more closer to my older shoes.  I also got some red Feiyue knock-offs that are branded for USA Wushu.  I haven’t tried them out, but it looks pretty low-quality.  Nevertheless, red is cool!

Do you know where to get some good quality Feiyues for cheap?   Let me know!

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